Your professional success is our success, too. This principle is reflected in the leitmotif of our Group: 5P, which is characterized by multi-faceted processes aimed at employees’ personal development, accompanied by involvement and performance.

Newer and newer challenges require continuous development of your own skills. We continually support you in this process. We help you explore the principles of communication and co-operation, technical issues, business knowledge, constantly building up your self-esteem and confidence.

To this end, the Young Managerial Staff Development Section coordinates the activities of all areas within the group, ensuring the constant process of improvement of employees’ skills and the execution of development plans based on the identification of potential abilities and individual predispositions, and then their development and orientation.

In the course of your career you gain loads of experience fundamental for taking up new challenges and responsibilities, confirming your professional success and involvement. In line with the direction adopted by the Group, numerous individual educational and training programmes are conducted, whereas discussion groups provide an opportunity to share your ideas with the potential managerial staff who will build solid foundation of the Group operation in future.